CAVEAT: This post has about 200 more words than usual. If on Ngong or Mombasa road, read in traffic.

Karen Blixen had a dresser. She – the dresser – is a solemn, ruttish, melancholic, dark brown mahogany piece that conscientiously sits and watches you stare at it. She is quaint in a very sexy way. Lounging a few steps away from Karen’s small bed, it is the solid piece that gives her soulful boudoir character -a rhythm, a glimpse, a tale – of what Karen might have been like. She brought it to Kenya from Denmark in 1914 when she moved in to marry her second cousin Baron Blixen. Those days, incest was like post graduate courses these days- encouraged. There was no baggage limit on your luggage so you brought everything. They sailed around for days holding those ‘masaku-sevens-like’ revelries in the lower decks. Remember Titanic?