Humming bird……

She grew up in a pretty small world,

A little village, fresh and green not a busy barn,

Every morning she passed the fields, and with every passing glance,

Took her breath as the breeze on the flower buds,

Slowly by slowly strung,

The cords of her heart like a humming bird..


Over the seas far from her home to lands a new,

 To follow the music her heart sung she flew,

To fill her beautiful mind with more than what she knew,

Class after class she was taught but it only grew,

The need to solve a mystery of rain and dew,,

That brought with them the sweet chirping of the humming bird..


Back home,, oh no,, her mind couldn’t register this..

 Fast fading like the ‘toss detergent- but sir am in form one’ this,,

Home was beginning to look like an empty fridge,

Now, there she cringed when she didn’t hear it,

Wishing it was a tease, not at peace, she feared it,

She had lost forever the amazing sound of her humming bird.




So she chose to, fight and propose to,

The woodcutters and the clearers to,

Stop the menace, the nuisance, for it was due to,

The destruction, the fragmentation, the disfiguration that had led to,

Mother Nature’s anger that we hadn’t adhered to,

The promise we gave to, our ancestors and descendants when we promised to,

Take care of what was lent to us too, like our forefathers who,

Though challenged by technical constraints they tried to, and managed to,

Keep flowing the streams from rain and dew,

And right then she chose to..

Kneel first, plant one, BILLION, trees, then tender our apologies to,

Mother Nature for she knew true, strong, upright and roots to,

Recovery, ultimate survival and after then maybe she had to,

Lay with the great ones, eyes closed and listen to, the sweet song of the humming bird……