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    Y Front Briefs.

    Now, it still beats me and good folk if you could, kindly help me understand. Why Y front briefs? In 2015, why? Is it good behavior really, for a young man of high grandeur and promising stature to walk around the office with old worn out Y front briefs that are so long they could touch his knees? Even when they are not old, those Y front briefs leave panty lines across the bum. But that is such abhorrence! How could say, a lawyer present a case to a jury in court with tailored wit, charisma and suit but don old saggy Y front briefs underneath?
    Do you know what heartbreak that is..

  • grease_fire

    With Heat, It Cooks or Burns.

    Dawn comes easily this Friday morning as you have just cum too. You needed to. You’d been mad at him the previous night – or early morning – when he’d finally decided to show up. 1:30 am to be precise. You couldn’t sleep. For three weeks, this tug deep inside your heart told you something was amok. Oh and it tugged, strongly like diarrhea but flickering like a hand lamp flame. One thing though, you cannot decide whether your boyfriend of three months is already cheating or is yet to decide to cheat.

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    Men and Women

    There is this imperial curse; man must learn to live with woman and vice versa. After a few stirring years of the dating tomfoolery, each man or woman will come to this cul-de-sac conclusion – “I do not understand my partner.” It’s an esoteric, oblique point in any relationship, frustrating and draining. Like watching Tujuane or those two Luhyas in baby clothes on the Churchill live. Or ‘limaing’ for hours without results. But you keep at it.




    Dear Husband,

    How I long for the day I will call you that; firmly, softly and resolutely. I am writing since like the feeble human being I am, my heart grew restless. Just fleetingly. Then, like a silent song in my heart it came to me, “Do not be anxious, but in prayer and supplication, cast your needs…” My heart leaps unburdened.

    I write to you now that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Wanton. A true reflection of what is inside. Seemingly forlorn or bleak, but it is my heart even so. A heart beat dear lover by all that’s on my Newsfeed, my family and friends’ talks and my life’s own timeline. Let me spell it out.