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  • kibo

    Kibo Safari Camp and BAKE!

    All around me, the adolescent earth birthed grass with avowed intent like a teenage boy does armpit hair.
    Kibo Safari Camp defines afro-centric. It’s so damn sexy African you can tell it’s a dark short haired lass with an ample bottom, nude. Like Chidimna of the Kedike hype. It looks like it scrubs with sand and honey and all that natural stuff ladies in Kurlly diaries use. It only dons tiny Ankara and dashiki bras and skirts.

  • kido

    Raising a Sibling, for Dummies.

    I feel like those new dads crammed in Aga Khan’s delivery waiting room, hoping for a ‘how-to-raise -a-daughter’ manual. Only now, she comes fully grown with a pair of shy breasts of her own, and I am sworn to protect them. Somebody pass me a hammer.

  • racismblacklove

    Men and Women

    There is this imperial curse; man must learn to live with woman and vice versa. After a few stirring years of the dating tomfoolery, each man or woman will come to this cul-de-sac conclusion – “I do not understand my partner.” It’s an esoteric, oblique point in any relationship, frustrating and draining. Like watching Tujuane or those two Luhyas in baby clothes on the Churchill live. Or ‘limaing’ for hours without results. But you keep at it.